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Oral Health Programs

Suitcase.pngDelta Dental Mobile Program

The Delta Dental Mobile Program provides oral health services to underserved children. The program includes two trucks that serve as mobile clinics to provide preventive, diagnostic and restorative care to kids across the state, and dental hygienists and community health workers based on the state's Native American reservations. Learn more information about the program at the Mobile Program page .

 Suitcase.png Dentist Loan Repayment Program 

The Delta Dental Philanthropic Fund Dentist Loan Repayment for Service program has been designed to help in the recruitment of new dentists and to engage new private practice dentists in treating underserved populations. The program provides loan repayment for young dentists who agree to see a certain percentage of Medicaid patients in their practice and/or work on one of Delta Dental's mobile dental units and see a smaller percentage of Medicaid patients in their practice. 

Potential candidates are encouraged to submit our Application Form, two letters of recommendation, verification that the employer dentist (if applicable) agrees that the applicant is permitted to use their practice to meet the program requirements, documentation of outstanding dental school loans and official college transcripts.

Tooth.png South Dakota Oral Health Coalition 

The mission of the South Dakota Oral Health Coalition is to promote quality of life by facilitating the availability of oral health services. The South Dakota Oral Health Coalition's areas of focus are workforce development, access to care and education/prevention. Recognizing the need to address the significant oral health challenges in the state, Delta Dental played a leadership role in the formation of the coalition and Delta Dental staff remain actively involved in coalition activities including technical assistance funding and grant-writing services for various coalition projects. 

Dollar.png Donated Dental Services 

Since 2004, Delta Dental of South Dakota is pleased to have donated over $284,000 to this program that provides essential and comprehensive dental care to our state's most vulnerable adults including disabled, elderly or medically-compromised individuals who cannot afford necessary treatment nor get public aid. You can learn more about the program on the South Dakota Dental Association website.

Dollar.pngHealth EDventure Website is an interactive website for teachers, students, and parents. The site features a collection of websites provided free of charge with content that can be integrated into the core academic subjects of math, language arts, science, and social studies. Health EdVenture is accessed by over 50,000 subscribers from nearly all public and private schools in South Dakota. Delta Dental of South Dakota is a proud sponsor if this wonderful program.


P.A.N.D.A is an acronym for Prevent Abuse and Neglect through Dental Awareness. It is the name of an educational program to educate dental professionals on the signs of abuse and neglect, reporting procedures, and family violence prevention resources.

Smile.png Teeth on the Go

Teeth-on-the-Go is a fun and imaginative teaching resource designed to help elementary school children understand how important taking care of their teeth and overall health can be. 

People.png Partners for Prevention 

Delta Dental, along with the South Dakota Dental Association and the South Dakota Department of Health, is pleased to be a sponsor of the Partners for Prevention program. The Partners for Prevention program is designed to improve the oral health of South Dakota's young children by training medical providers (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses) in oral health. Because young children routinely see these medical providers for well-child exams, these providers have an important opportunity for intervening to protect a child's oral health. Please visit the South Dakota Dental Association website to learn more about this great prevention program.

For more information about the Delta Dental of South Dakota Foundation contact Connie at or 605-224-7345

Delta Dental of South Dakota ordered the new trucks for its mobile program that provides dental care to kids who can’t afford or access a dentist. The pair of highly specialized vehicles will be used
Delta Dental of South Dakota is ordering two new mobile dental trucks to continue serving kids across the state as part of the non-profit company’s mobile program.
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