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Tooth.png Delta Dental Premier Product Information

Just as you would expect from the dental benefits specialists, Delta Dental offers a full range of plan options. Dental plans can be designed to be 100% employer-paid, a shared cost between the employer and employees or 100% employee paid. Plus, Delta Dental offers both fully-insured and Administrative Services Only (ASO) plan designs. Learn more about our competitive product offerings.


People.png Individual and Family Plans

Summary of Individual & Family Plans (2018)
Includes 1040 and ACA compliant 502 & 503 Plans

Summary of Individual & Family Plans (2019)
    Enrollment begins December 1, 2018

Application Form - Individual & Family Plans


Heart.png Voluntary Group Plans

Delta Dental of South Dakota offers employer-sponsored dental benefits with minimal or no employer contribution. We offer three voluntary plans to meet your oral health needs. Click here  for an application.

No Minimum Voluntary Dental Plan (9070) no employer contribution required. At least two employees must enroll.

Voluntary I Dental Plan (9050)  requires the employer enroll in at least 35% of eligible employees (minimum of three enrollees), and pay at least 25% of the single premium for all employees electing coverage or allow employees to pretax their dental premium.

Voluntary II Dental Plan (9060) requires that the employer enroll at least 50% of eligible employees (minimum of ten employees), and pay at least 25% of the single premium for all employees electing coverage or allow employees to pretax their dental program.

Affordable Care Act Small Group Plans (602 & 603)

People.pngPooled Group Plans

Under Delta Dental of South Dakota's pooled group plans, the employer pays 100% of the single cost as an employee benefit for all eligible employees. Click here  for an application.

5-Plus (9000) for five or more employees

10-Plus (9010) for 10 or more employees

10-Plus with Orthodontics (9020) for 10 or more employees

25-Plus (2500) for 25 or more employees  

25-Plus with Orthodontics (2525)  for 25 or more employees

South Dakota Retailers Association Member Plans

Delta Dental of South Dakota offers exclusive plans to South Dakota Retailers Association. (SDRA) members.

SDRA Member Plans benefit summary

SDRA Member Plans application


Suitcase.pngLarge Group, Fully Insured Plans (designed for employers with more than 50 eligible employees)

Under Delta Dental of South Dakota's large group, fully insured plans, the plan offers employers complete flexibility in pain design that best suits their benefit needs and budget. If you would like additional information please call our Sales Department at 1-800-627-3961. Click here for an application.



  • Health through Oral Wellness

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    An exciting new Health through Oral Wellness benefit program is coming to our dental plans next year!

    Learn More
Delta Dental of South Dakota ordered the new trucks for its mobile program that provides dental care to kids who can’t afford or access a dentist. The pair of highly specialized vehicles will be used
Delta Dental of South Dakota is ordering two new mobile dental trucks to continue serving kids across the state as part of the non-profit company’s mobile program.
It might have been the nine year old boy in Oglala who was getting a dental exam. Or it could have been the two fillings for the three year old girl in Rapid City. Last week, one of them was the 30,
A special three-year project to improve children’s oral health on South Dakota’s Native American reservations showed significant success. Initially funded with federal grant money, Delta Dental of So
Delta Dental of South Dakota will soon have another Smile Mobile to replace the mobile dental truck lost to fire earlier this summer.